Our Love Story

You and David have liked each other!

We Swiped Right and Matched!

For all of you that may not be aware, David and I actually met on Tinder! Most people laugh when they hear that and we totally understand why. David and I matched while he was home on leave in Orlando. Not knowing that he was there for only a temporary period of time, I kindly declined his initial request to join him on a night out. Fast forward two weeks later, I noticed his mileage had changed. The app read that he was 1000+ mi away from me. Ironically enough, he was stationed at Fort Drum, NY. David and I had continued to text and talk, which developed into a beautiful friendship.

Our First Face to Face Date

There was definitely a spark but I wasn’t too keen on the idea of starting a long-distance relationship, let alone a military relationship, knowing he would be gone for long periods of time.

Two months had passed and David had leave again, which was a rare occurrence. While he would be home, I had an event to tend to at the Mahaffey Theatre in St. Pete, FL.

Since David was coming down, I asked him to accompany me. Please keep in mind, this was the FIRST time meeting face to face. For all that know me well, I don’t get nervous; but in this case, I was a disaster (haha). So, I waited for David to show up at my home so we could start our drive to the event, mind you he was about 1 hour late, I thought WOW, what a great first impression… Anyway, once he arrived we drove to St. Pete, blasting music and chatting as if we had known each other for years.

Long story short, we had a wonderful time together in St. Pete. I knew David was a very special type of man but I still was unsure what to do. A few days later, I began to pack to head home to Penn Yan for a week. The night before my departure, I made the decision to ask David to be my boyfriend. He said are you sure you want to try this? This isn’t going to be easy with me being in the military. But, we both agreed, it was worth giving a try.

Our First Date
Our Engagement

Our Engagement

As you may already be aware, David was deployed for about 9 months 2018-2019, so I had been patiently waiting for him to come home! Like most girlfriends, I thought he would propose to me as soon as he got home! Well, that didn’t happen.

Fast forward three months…

I had coordinated a wine tour with close friends and one of the stops included Three Brothers Winery. By the time that we had gotten there, I had my fair share of alcohol. We all pregamed…in the limo. Shocker? No? I didn’t think so.

Well, on our last stop at Three Brothers, my mom INSISTED we take photos near the vineyard. Honestly, by that point, I was over photos and it was starting to rain but Mom asked me to stop being difficult and take a photo. So, I listened, haha. David and I went to take a photo and I noticed him bend down and I told him to get up… here is me ruining the moment.. David said he was tying his shoe, as I walked away he pulled my arm and was down on his knee asking me to marry him. Complete shock. It was such a special moment as I had my mother and some of my best friends, in addition to a crowd of cheering bystanders. We will never forget that day. Well done, David, well done.

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